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With the knowledge and experience gained over 30 years, the Bichachi Diamond Group has become internationally recognized as one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of exceptionally high-quality, well-cut diamonds.

Shlomo Bichachi, who started his career as a cutter/factory worker, made a spectacular professional breakthrough establishing the company and directing it to become a global leader of diamond industry.
The Bichachi Diamond Group today is a leading manufacturer and distributor of small fancy shaped diamonds (Mostly below 1.00 ct).
Producing diamonds by order to the world's leading jewelers, diamond dealers and watchmakers.

Our vast assortments (over 1000) and specialized manufacturing methods makes us the ideal service house focusing on Straight and Tapered Baguette, Emerald, Asscher, Carre, Princess, Trapezoid and any other fancy shape your mind could desire.
The company's inventory includes 5,000+ pairs of side-stones, any shape/size of calibrated stones layouts, sets of Mosaic and thousands of carats of assorted rough and polished diamonds waiting for us to cut them by your order.

Our clients benefit from the company's unmatched ability to provide 24/7 fast and effective solutions to their needs.
We do this by continually maintaining significantly large inventories in all of our branches, and by placing our representatives worldwide; Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, Antwerp, Toronto, London, Paris, Mumbai.

Clients can call anywhere, at anytime ,speaking any language and get immediate solutions.our story