1. Management aspires to establish SB as a leader of precision diamond manufacturing, and will take all measures to insure that the company’s products adhere to the highest-standards, while meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.
  2. Management aspires to make SB a profitable company.
  3. SB's Statement of the financial position of, will meet the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  4. All SB divisions and employees will adhere to the latest edition of RJC - COP
  5. SB’s workplace practices will always adhere to the law, relevant governmental specifications, accepted international standards (like Kimberley Process ), and the needs and expectations of our customers, while always striving to improve.
  6. SB will strive to train its employees and supply them with all resources needed for quality assurance and control, as well as safe work practices and regulations.
  7. Every SB employee is responsible for the quality and safety of his/her work.
  8. SB will inform all of its employees, sub-contractors and suppliers of its policy.
  9. SB has strived and continues to strive for an equal opportunities policy; it opposes child labor, slave labor, and discrimination of any kind; and is committed to promoting human rights everywhere.
  10. SB will support the efforts of its sub-contractors and suppliers to adopt the principles of this policy.
  11. SB will foster an open dialogue with its employees, interested parties and the public at large, encourage feedback on the company’s products and work practices, and supply appropriate responses.
  12. SB will continue to improve its plans and performance as part of its commitment to continued improvement, its commitment to its employees, and its commitment to abide by all laws and regulations.
  13. SB will be accessible to the public on issues of quality, safety practices and workplace health practices.