Shlomo Bichachi's Jewelry & Watches division is a world leader in innovation and sophistication. We are able to deliver an extremely accurate result in sizes from 0.01ct and up. The Jewelry & Watches division prides itself with the knowledge and ability to supply the most accurate diamonds in the industry. Our team of specialists escorts the clients from the planning stage until the end of the project and is able to assist with Custom made solutions for unique design specifications. "The team cuts diamonds from polished base as well as rough based diamonds to be able to supply the entire range of goods in our "arsenal". The team is open to learn new cuts and new finish styles in order to fulfill every need the client has or wishes for. Working with plan maps is elementary for the team and we hold the finest software in the market to be able to read every map and every 3d design. In terms of tools, this division is equipped with state of the art gear to be able to maintain the highest performance for every stone. From comparators to tweezers this team is fully equipped.